Treatment That Utilizes Body’s Own Fluids

This is a form of treatment that is quite literally one of the most natural. It is also considered to be safe to use. Because the platelet rich plasma treatment being administered to patients is utilizing their own bodily fluids. It can be deemed safe because very little of these fluids need to be utilized to complete the operation. What is being done here? In this particular instance, the platelet rich plasma is being lifted from the body’s blood and inserted into the scalp to encourage and stimulate hair follicles to sprout once more.

And once hair growth is stimulated and becomes visible, it remains as natural as it looks. Here there is no need to make use of artificial hair transplants. People will notice that it is unnatural. Here there is no need for the wearing of periwigs, and that always gets noticed, from a mile off. Not only is it visibly unnatural, it also looks downright ridiculous. Never mind the reasons for doing so, they are mostly cosmetic and to deal with negative feelings of self-consciousness, but many women are turning to the business of weaves and wigs.

Not only does this treatment remain unnatural, it can also be damaging to the woman’s health and as it turns out, it’s also unsustainable. The platelet rich plasma treatment, however, serves its purpose. These are for people who have, overnight, suffered from a severe loss of hair, almost to the point of complete baldness. There can be many reasons for this, both understandable and bad. Men, as they age, lose their hair due to their hereditary disposition.

platelet rich plasma treatment

But other people have lost their hair due to serious illness or disease, as well as the consequences of major surgical operations along with all its side effects.